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Even the department’s language changed, no longer referring antiseptically to a complainant and an accused but rather to victims or survivors, and perpetrators.To feminists—I among them—it was about time that pressure was brought to bear on educational institutions.What surprised many, however, was that I was one of 28 Harvard professors who signed a letter opposing Harvard University’s new sexual harassment and sexual assault policies, policies introduced ostensibly in response to pressures from the Department of Education.When I was a lawyer, I understood how inadequate the law was in addressing sexual violence at all.

The media, after often dismissing the claims of rape victims, was finally more sympathetic, covering accounts of sexual violence from the University of Virginia to Yale and Harvard. It was as if women, especially young women, had to speak especially loudly and especially often to finally be heard—a not unfamiliar concept.ampus sexual assaults are horrifying, made all the worse because the settings are bucolic and presumed safe—leafy campuses, ivy-walled universities.Assaults are reported in dormitories, off-campus apartments, and fraternity houses, in elite and non-elite institutions, from one end of the country to the other.Benighted attitudes about rape and skepticism about women victims die hard.It takes only a few celebrated false accusations of rape to turn the clock back.

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