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And it’s the shameless documentation of their love that has everyone from Cardi B, to Tidal, to D’usse loving what they do.As their videos never fail to make me laugh, they also remind me that love never looks the way we expect it to—but when it’s real: it’s better than we ever could’ve imagined.” Maleni heard me and was like, “I’m right here.” So, I told her, “I don’t fuck with you.” And she tells me, “Fuck outta here.

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I wanted to go home, but it turned into this whole thing.

With a Fendi purse slung around his torso, Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” blaring in the background, a bottle of “D’usse” in one hand, and his i Phone in the other, no one could tell him anything. If there’s anyone to credit for Brooklyn’s reputation to keep it real, it’s the women who live here.

No matter how strong you believe your poker face to be, trust that a Brooklyn woman’s ability to pull your card is even stronger.

I linked with Chicklet & Maleni at their go-to spot, No Bull, in Bushwick, to chop it up with them about how they met, started dating, and manage to keep the love real on a platform that’s anything but. ” I’d never been to a rave, so I was excited—like I’m going to a mosh pit. We get there, and there was like six people on the wall and [Maleni].

A rave, my friend, which is her tattoo artist, invited me to. I’m going to call her to see if it’s lit.” [Maleni] goes, “Yo, it’s poppin’! So, I turn to my mans and asked, “Where’s the shorty who said this was lit?

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