Whos noel fielding dating

This is a very close-knit community and words gets around very quickly.’ But thought to be wanting to avoid public scrutiny after Paul made his marriage split public, Summer is now believed to have left her job at the pub.It’s also thought she has removed herself from Facebook and made other social media accounts private.It was stated that Alex called Summer a wh*** in a supermarket, with Alex denying she had used such wording.It was confirmed, though, that there was an incident between the two.

He has often worked alongside Noel Fielding, Julian Barratt, Matt Berry, Matthew Holness and Rich Fulcher.

Paul’s wife Alex stated that she was ‘hurt’ but ‘not angry’ at the split a year on.

Mary Berry, however, was reported to have refused pictures with Paul at an event in December, with a source saying she was ‘disgusted’ by the way he’d treated his wife.

They are said to have agreed to meet in America first, without telling loved ones who they were meeting up with.

Sources told the publication that Paul and Summer spent ten days together on their romantic beach trip and took extra care to make sure they avoided any attention from the public.

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