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Feldman’s discography was the first hint my hypothesis would not flesh out: it’s consistent with the self-aware/self-indulgent, late ’80s/early ’90s rock that Feldman’s performed since 1992.

They were played alongside a cover medley of some of the most essential songs in the rock canon, including the Beatles, Cyndi Lauper, and Little Richard.

One of the first times we hung out, we went for a walk.

You know, what kind of guy asks you to go on a walk?

While watching the film, I caught this line from Kiefer Sutherland’s character (who, coincidentally, sold out Mississippi Studios last month):“Now you know what we are, and you know what you are. But you must feed.”One friend asked me not to go, saying we shouldn’t support this train wreck. ” sarcastically as I entered Dante’s on the last night of Portland LGBTQ Pride. I was genuinely confused by how many Facebook friends wanted me to go.

But I had a hypothesis to test: I theorized appearance as Corey Feldman’s the Truth Movement, is based on a profound grief based on the very public deaths of Haim and Michael Jackson, being processed by an emotionally stunted sexual assault victim/public figure whose origins read like a much darker Bret Michaels by way of teenager achieving international stardom before age 18, and that his backing band, the Angels, are part of a team of people taking advantage of said grief.

Feldman said Haim has been dead for five years, but it’s been seven.

As someone still affected by a close friend’s death eight years later, I’m shocked Feldman would get that number wrong, especially given that Haim’s death is the device which frames much of .

(1987) with my boyfriend the week before Feldman’s show at Dante’s.It felt like Election Night 2016: The Concert, where outrageousness and name recognition triumph over technical qualification.My final clue came when Feldman announced an incorrect number of years since Haim’s death when I thought he was calling for either a moment of silence or recognition for his late colleague.The Angels are in a symbiotic relationship with Feldman: not outright exploiting the public figure, but allowing themselves to be used as a symptom of the system that physically and emotionally tortured icons from Judy Garland to Carrie Fisher to death, a system that thrives to this day.Feldman claims to work with the Angels to save them from the predatory cycle demanding youth in Hollywood, but it’s not readily apparent what Feldman does differently than the figures he denounces.

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