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But one thing that the idyllic cityscape lacks is an upscale cocktail lounge; specifically one that sits on a rooftop.“There’s a lot of sports bars, and others of that nature, in Royal Oak right now,” says Adam Merkel, founder and owner of his namesake restaurant group, which includes the soon-to-open Pinky’s Rooftop.

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oyal Oak — it’s a city that offers boutique shopping, independent coffee shops, a number of Irish pubs, and five record stores.

Merkel, having established a few of Howell’s highly prized restaurants like The Silver Pig, Cello Italian, and Diamond’s Steak & Seafood, partnered with interior designer and architect Ron Rae of Ron and Roman, to decorate the space.

“Adam and I have worked together on a number of restaurants.

I work with UNHCR and currently focused on the Lu Qu Lu Qu campaign that speaks for refugees in our country.

I am working on the My Power of Her Initiative, a push for empowered women to empower other women, and I am currently on track to raise sh5 million for women refugees under the initiative.

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