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I’m gonna buy those one day.’”“I always did the most, that was always me,” Pollard says.

While she excelled in English, by and large school wasn’t for her, and she dropped out in 10th grade to complete her studies by getting her GED.“I started developing an understanding that I had my own sort of wisdom,” she says.

But it’s these GIFs that have also ensured Pollard remains relevant.

But that came with a price.“I just remember being so alone, so pissed off; I wanted to get away from those girls,” says Pollard.” Pollard screamed, collapsing into Bowie’s arms and wailing so loudly that the other contestants in the house heard her as they talked outside.“No! Pollard had mistakenly believed that Bowie was referring to their fellow housemate David Gest, who’d been ill and sleeping a lot during the filming of the series.What followed was several minutes of cringe-inducing viral gold.“It just happened now,” Bowie said.“How? In a moment that of course became a GIF, Pollard’s eyes shifted in confusion, her mouth agape, as she seemingly tried to process how a reality show would allow a contestant with terminal cancer to compete.“I would have makeup on and, you know, growing up in such a small community like upstate New York, like, nobody understood it.” Mimicking the stares she would conjure from conservative neighbors, Pollard laughs and recalls how stunned they were when she would show up to classes wearing purple lipstick and sporting six-inch “claws” like the women of SWV, the ’90s R&B group.She also always knew as a child she’d get breast implants one day, citing singer Dolly Parton as her chest inspiration: “Her rack was so huge and I just jumped up and I told my mom, ‘I’m gonna have those one day.

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