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They track Chow to Mexico, but things quickly get even messier as Chow slips through their fingers.

And to catch him, they'll have to return to the scene of their original adventure: Las Vegas.

Continue reading: Justin Bartha Ties The Knot With Lia Smith In 1973, New York nightclub CBGB opened as a venue for Country, Blue Grass and Blues acts led by music entrepreneur Hilly Kristal.

However, it soon became clear that that wasn't the way the music scene was going in the city and he soon began to book new rock and punk bands - excluding all cover and tribute bands - to play regular shows there which helped raise the profile of several musical pioneers including Talking Heads, Blondie, The Ramones and the Patti Smith Group.

on Monday night (June 10) at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

The three actors lead the ensemble cast in the new Jim Jarmusch-directed movie, in theaters June 14.

Stepping out to support the film were Lee Pace and Justin Bartha.

But while the film is expertly shot and edited, with a solid cast and terrific settings, there simply isn't any actual humour.But Phil, Stu and Doug (Cooper, Helms and Bartha) are worried that Alan (Galifianakis) is refusing to grow up, so they hold an intervention and set out to drive him to a desert retreat.On the way, they're waylaid by mobster Marshall (Goodman), who holds Doug hostage to force the the Wolf Pack to find renegade nutcase Chow (Jeong), who has stolen Marshall's stash of gold bars.No one gets drunk, so there's no hangover this time.And the only amusing moments are offhanded character bits that are utterly irrelevant to the nonsensical chaos of the plot.

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