Who is jennifer man dating now Oral sex date

The film received amazing reviews, and it led to the budding actress landing a Golden Globe nomination.Things were looking great for J-Lo, and they improved even further when Noa got down on one knee and popped the question.

Back when Jennifer was still trying to make a name for herself, she was turning the head of Ojani Noa.Although he’s tried to continually use his former relationship with Lopez for financial gain, Noa hasn’t been as obsessed with his ex as it might seem.In fact, the man moved on relatively quickly after his divorce, turning his attention to another actress: Claudia Vasquez.Considering that J-Lo’s career was apparently one of the reasons the pair got divorced, you would think that Noa would want to avoid dating someone else with such big ambitions.However, he and Vasquez proved to be far more suited to one another than the former waiter was with Lopez.

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