Who is david krumholtz dating

David Krumholtz (NUMBERS, THE SANTA CLAUSE, and countless other movies/TV shows) joins Anna and co-host/producer Sim Sarna in this side-splittingly funny episode.An unexpected internet outage means there aren’t any listener calls in this episode, but David more than makes up for it with his hilarious insights into the male mind.Plus, the gang plays a hysterical—and raunchy—round of “Would You Rather.” WARNING: some of the answers may shock you…but you’re bound to be entertained!You know me from my work in The Santa Clause and Numbers and all kinds of other wonderful things. But my dad really made a big deal of me keeping my name.Working with Alan Arkin was just a dream come true for me. Filming This is the End was really awesome because we all were sort of conscious of the fact that there had never been a movie like that before, where a group of actors played themselves making fun of themselves. I was only there briefly because I fall down a hole and die in that movie. So he's really gone out of control, and I'm praying for him. Krumholtz, I love your character, Goldstein, in Harold & Kumar. And, seriously, if you were given the opportunity to work with Joss Whedon again and he promised he wouldn't kill your character, would you do it? And all he wanted to do was talk about how amazing Phish was.

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