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THEN HE ASKED ME IF I COULD COVER HIS DRINK AND GIVE HIM A RIDE HOME.” — Suzy “I once went on date with a guy who showed up 30 minutes late and then proceeded to drink four drinks to my two.Needless to say, it was not a match.” — Jen “First, these are two completely separate dates with two completely separate people in two completely separate years, but they were remarkably similar.She shows up at my house (I’m not a douche, she specifically didn’t want me to pick her up) and within the five minutes between arrival and my Uber showing up, she manages to drop the N-word casually TWICE.She must not have seen how hard my face dropped the first time because about one minute after round two, my black roommate walks out of his room to grab a glass of water.I commented how awful it was what he had done, and he said, ‘Yeah, but I also think it’s ridiculous that the girl isn’t in any trouble.’ I was obviously confused, so he then went on to explain that he feels women should be punished as equally as the man in the case of rape, because she was just as present and guilty for the act as he was.

They’ll likely appreciate that you’re respecting both your time and theirs.” And if they don’t?Both were brunette, Jewish, average height, late 20s, attractive, great conversationalists. And there was another common denominator: both women owned pet snakes.We got on the topic of pets, and I am a big fan of dogs. But both these women were OBSESSED with their pet snakes.I agreed awkwardly because I didn’t know what to say. The following day, he asked me to block him on the app we used to meet (because he apparently had no self-control/was incapable of respecting my ‘I am no longer interested’).After we drank our beers and ate our half a burger, the check came and he asked the waitress to take the check back to split our bill in half before we paid. I left as fast as I could and he proceeded to text me that it was the best date ever, and he couldn’t wait to do it again …” — Nicole “I had drinks with a guy I was getting on with decently well, took him back to my place … After I blocked him, he made three or four new accounts and continued to try to get me to go back out with him.” — Liz “This one time, I was on a first date with an (extremely white) girl that I had met off Bumble.

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