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He booked doctors’ appointments there, skipping the chaotic lines for which Chinese hospitals are famous.

He added friends in Alipay’s built-in social network.

“Zhima Credit is the embodiment of personal credit,” the text underneath read.

“It uses big data to conduct an objective assessment.

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He realized that he could pay for parking through Alipay’s My Car feature, so he added his driver’s license and license plate numbers, as well as the engine number of his Audi.

He started making his car insurance payments with the app.

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Some of the icons were themselves full-blown third-party apps.If you live in the United States, you are by now accustomed to relinquishing your data to corporations.Credit card companies know when you run up bar tabs or buy sex toys.In 2015, when Lazarus Liu moved home to China after studying logistics in the United Kingdom for three years, he quickly noticed that something had changed: Everyone paid for everything with their phones.At Mc Donald’s, the convenience store, even at mom-and-pop restaurants, his friends in Shanghai used mobile payments.

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