Wang zi gui gui dating

His family consists of his parents and a younger brother.

His younger brother, Mao Di was a former member of Choc7, and currently his co-member in JPM under Sony Music Taiwan. He attended in Taichung County, then transferred to Taipei County Zhuangjing Senior Vocational School where he graduated in high school.

This was their first overseas promotional activity ever since their debut, and a huge fan turnout caused a great commotion at the shopping mall where they were having their autograph session With Channel [V]'s decision to select a new batch of boys and create a second season, Lollipop and most of the other members "graduated" from Bang Bang Tang after their last performances as members of the show.

After graduation from Bang Bang Tang television show, Chiu had been busy filming The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries.

On November 27, the episode in which six members of Lollipop were selected and revealed was aired.

He also used to learn Taekwondo, where he achieved red and black belt.

Because the upgrade fee was too expensive, however, he did not participate in the black belt level test.

He was cast as the main lead, Linghu Cong (令狐聰), with Albee Hwang from July 26 to October 18, 2008.

On October 3, 2008, the original soundtrack was released by Gold Typhoon.

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