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If that is not the case, if the top-level element were called something else, the text contained by the assert element would delivered to the user as an indication that the rule failed. The difference is that test in an assert element contains an expression that should evaluate to true in the given context for the structure to be valid; a report element's test expression creates a validity rule that should evaluate to elements to complete the schema.This basic schema only hints at Schematron's power.Any valid XPath expression that can be evaluated as true or false can be used to test a document's structure. /usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use XML:: Schematron:: Lib XSLT; my $schema_file = $ARGV[0]; my $xml_file = $ARGV[1]; die "Usage: perl schemafile XMLfile.\n" unless defined $schema_file and defined $xml_file; my $tron = XML:: Schematron:: Lib XSLT-.The reason is that the Schematron module actually ships with several backends that can be chosen based on the type of processor that you want to use.XML:: Xerces requires the Apache Xerces C XML parsing library, available from Michael, XML:: Parser has all the workings of a validating parser, and libxml-enno includes a parser that will validate against a DTD, XML:: Parser:: Checker I think, someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

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Choosing XML to markup web content knocks that implicit validation into a cocked hat.

Schematron may not completely replace DTDs or W3C Schemas for stricter XML systems, but the value that it provides for the minimal time investment makes it a big winner in my book.

At the time of this writing, XML:: Lib XML could only validate with DOM parsing—validation is not available with SAX-style parsing.

The details vary widely, but the basic interface and functionality is the same: there is a section of the page that contains a largish for entering HTML markup and a preview area where that markup is displayed.

When the form is submitted the preview section is updated.

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