Updating xbox without xbox live

There’s not quite so much hunting and tracking involved, and the battling has a more arcade boss battle feel to it.Here’s more information from Phoenix Labs, who explain: “Dauntless has been in development for over four years now, and we spent a great deal of time taking in feedback from the community.“We designed combat in Dauntless to feel fast and fluid, and the behemoths you fight will never give you an inch, so dodging is integral to successfully taking down your target.“After fighting the same behemoth a few times, you’ll be able to start reading their movements and prepare to dodge out of the way of a projectile or tailspike that could easily ruin your day.“Every time you fight a behemoth, you’ll learn more about the encounter and get closer to mastering it.“Learn those DPS windows. Be like me and keep it a total secret that you chugged a thousand Bulwark Tonics learning the Rezakiri fight!Here is the page where I found out how to make it work. If you have a writable CD a thumb drive, use the thumb drive, because it's much easier.Stuff you'll need: Xbox 360 Computer USB thumb drive (recommended) OR writable CD and CD writer Zip file extractor, I use [77-Zip]First of all, you'll need the update file. displaylang=en&Family ID=d7b1a7d8-846b-4ff4-8810-25356ec2c2aa DO NOT FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THAT PAGE! If they did, I probably wouldn't have bothered to write this instructable.The files which users could download to do so have also been pulled."The site was not an alternative way to take the Day One update and customers still need to connect to Xbox Live for the update," a spokesperson said.

After a lot of searching Google for a solution, I found one.

It should also be noted that Dauntless has a 13 age rating and currently has mixed reviews on the Microsoft Store.

And while it might not prove popular with everyone, Xbox Live Gold subscribers don’t have much to lose in trying it out.

Once you do that, make sure the file and folder have the proper names.

On the CD or thumb drive you are using, the file MUST be named .

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