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Gigabyte also provides many tools for their motherboards.One of these tools is @BIOS which works for all the Gigabyte motherboards and inspite of the name can also upgrade the UEFI.This is a terrible idea and even MSI recommends against it, but sometimes we’re too lazy to go through the BIOS and this method works 98% of the time.It’s the other 2% of the time that can cause horrible motherboard bricks, so you’ve been warned.The purpose of this guide is to walk you through updating the mobo BIOS and addressing a few potential issues that may arise after flashing the update.

So simply press DEL at the MSI logo to enter the BIOS settings, and go into Settings Intergrated Peripherals.

When your product is displayed, click the “Download” button.

You’ll be taken to a menu of available updates for your BIOS, drivers, and utilities – make sure you’re on the BIOS tab, and download the latest available BIOS update.

These days, you can upgrade the BIOS/UEFI to a newer version from within Windows.

The motherboard manufacturers often provide you with these tools that can make the task very easy.

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