Updating starforce

It contains updated tracks with as only change from the original: the water is removed.

Please consult the Star Force activation guide here: :icon_arro Lockon.ru: Star Force activation guide This guide contains very important information about Star Force product activation procedures and following the instructions will help to minimise the risk of problems occuring during the activation process.

So there I was with my legitimately bought game and I could not play it due to silly disc protection being outdated. Updating Starforce was also not an option since then it would not be compatible with the game any more.

Some preliminary googling did not turn up anything, but in the end I did stumble upon this wonderful forum post.

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They manifest in the form of black or white panels."Why is the key-command for "set trimmers to neutral possition" not working for the Su-25 and Su-25T? The real Su-25 and Su-25T have no such feature, so this function was not incorporated into the new high-fidelity AFM(Advanced Flight Model) for these aircraft."Why doesn't the trim-axis work for the Su-25 and Su-25T?Supposedly it also introduces a language selection issue, but I only use English and did not encounter anything out of the ordinary.Simply copy the files included in the zip file into your game folder (something like With that fixed, you should be able to start the game and get to the important playing part.

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