Updating sharp firmware

After all how many of these do you have left in the field? Don't know what part of the county you are in but have you called the hotline or talked to your regional guy? Good luck & Cheers, JB Good day from Phoenix DJ, I have searched the Sharp database and I'm not finding the bulletin in question?

Our team supports several manufacturers and it's been a struggle across the board with Mojave and old technology. Are you sure the bulletin specifically refers to the Sharp MX-2600?

Sharp distributes the firmware update as a ZIP archive.

After you download and unpack it you will have a file with a .

Disk only seems able to do FAT32, so I had to drop into the shell and use assigns the label “FIRMWARE” to the new filesystem.

You can use any 1-11 character string that adheres to DOS file-naming rules instead of “FIRMWARE”.

This file needs to be placed on the USB stick which will then be attached to the Blu-ray player, but the player will be finicky about the condition of the USB device.

The filesystem on the USB stick must be FAT16 – the player will not read FAT32.

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- This firmware version can only be installed if the current firmware version is 2.09.

Not all cameras are affected – you can see the full recall info at this page.

There’s a link to check the serial number of your camera to see if you are in the recall.

I will say that Sharp is a superior product in a MAC environment and they have been for some time. It may be just a typo, what is the bulletin number?

And I really can't see the need for the folks to write new firmware on a machine of that age. A tip can be a thought, a recommendation or an idea, but like they say, "best laid plans rarely come to fruition". In my most recent conversation with Sharp support I asked about firmware for the MX-2600/MX-3100 series and have heard nothing other than crickets chirping.

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