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This is especially true with the 2009 model of the Mac Pro, which uses processors that don't have top cases or heat spreaders.

The 20 models, however, are much more conventional, and a seasoned DIYer should be able to complete the process.

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Normally, the 2009 Mac Pro wouldn't work with the 6-core Westmere processor, due to the limitation of the EFI firmware included in the 2009 Mac Pro.This unsupported hack also may not work with future OS X releases.Still, using the much more readily available 6-core Westmere processors in the 2009 Mac Pro may be worth the risk.You can upgrade a 2009 Mac Pro's processors, however, you may find it isn't practical to do so.The problem is that the processors that can be used for easy upgrades are no longer being sold new.

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