Updating old tiled fireplace

Most building owners have closed the fireplaces in apartments to prevent fire hazards, but some of them have been kind enough to leave the empty fireplaces or surrounding mantel intact.Whether you own, rent or just have plans for a vintage mantelpiece you found at a flea market, fireplaces are a great (albeit somewhat unexpected place) to flex your DIY muscles.I was surprised at how much soot and black discoloration came off the walls of the inside of the fireplace just from scrubbing.But when it was all said and done, I wasn’t in love with the look because it was uneven and still looked dirty.Coming from our last house that did not have a fireplace, we feel so spoiled to now have a working fireplace in this house.This is a wood burning fireplace and although we haven’t used it yet, the thought of someday cozying up by the fire is enough to make me love this feature.

Just make sure your space is well ventilated because this paint has a pretty strong odor! Just that one coat of paint made such an impact in cleaning up the look!First I took our shop vac and vacuumed up all of the loose debris in the fireplace. Then I used a vinegar and water solution to wipe down all of the excess soot.Make sure you wear old clothes and use very old rags for this step because it is messy.Here’s to a toasty fall and winter spent inside where it’s warm.Image above: I love the idea of using a fireplace outcropping as a bold, wallpapered accent wall.

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