Updating maven dependencies refreshing maven model

Maven is a build and dependency management tool, not an IDE; expecting it to manage IDE-specific stuff is silly, in my opinion (I realize the Maven team thinks differently, that Maven should be responsible for managing your IDE, but that's nonsense).

So if you have the project available on your system, delete any Eclipse-specific files (typically just Existing Maven Projects to import the project.

It might be possible that some other nature on the project is also causing maven2Nature to fail. Alternatively you might be that Eclipse does not update your dependencies because it does not add some some error indicators in the project that should be there with new dependencies.

And yes, in the “Project” menu, “Build Automatically” is checked.

as it doesn't give the best results (as you're seeing).

Features added in newer versions are clearly marked with version number such as Net Beans 6.5: or Net Beans 6.9 To learn about Maven in general or about particular aspects mentioned in this article, please visit the project site and read the available books and articles on the subject.

At the start, make sure you have the following software installed on your computer: Assuming you are using Net Beans 6.7 or newer, you are done at this point as Maven support ships with the default installation.

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