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The device comes with all the necessary firmware and current maps pre-installed on the device.

Accept the user agreement and select "Continue," then enter the product key, if necessary, and select "Continue." Click "Continue" when "Ready to update your maps" appears on the software interface.Go to Garmin, and select "my Garmin" from the upper-navigation bar. If registering for an account, complete the registration details, then select the "Register" option on your Garmin account page.The site will detect the connected device and register it. All available free map updates and purchased maps appear next to the device in the home screen.If a device has less than 4GB of total storage, I would not buy a map update for it, especially since the Streetpilot series is not auto-offered a map installation to SD card: https://support.garmin.com/support/search Support/case.faces? As pointed out, newer nuvi models can be found for 0-150 that include lifetime map updates and offer many more features than the older Street Pilots.Really - it is worth it to spend a little more to get lifetime maps and traffic on a new model which will have more internal storage and the ability to add a SD micro card.

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