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You can use mc2xml or XMLTV method for EPG even if you watch OTA TV channels only.You can use many third-party applications to download EPG data in XMLTV format. Here are some Interact threads discussing the subject.While skipping EPG setup is generally not recommended, there are situations in which this makes sense.This is particularly true if you are setting up "Capture-only" channels.Please do not confuse the concept of OTA EPG with OTA TV signal itself.Just because you only watch over-the-air TV channels does not mean you have to use the OTA EPG method.The quality of data varies from application to application. Zap2it and Zap2xml Season, Episode number and zap2xml Additional setup procedure for this option will be discussed in section 3 below.Perc Data is a commercially available EPG data source. MC can download EPG from Perc if you have an account with them.

Here only the steps that involve EPG will be described.

The EPG data contained in the TV signals are not always complete, and you will get spotty results, especially if the TV signal strength/quality is not high.

It is therefore recommended that you use other methods of EPG loading unless you have specific reasons to use OTA EPG.

With this option, MC scans EPG data contained in the OTA stream, using an actual tuner.

This method was not very reliable but has become much better since MC22.

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