Updating enemy territory

The MODE column: this is a general category applied on the basis of assumed usage.Server commands therefore are generally used when configuring a server, but most will also work with clients using RCON./- commands are intended to be toggled on and off by pressing and releasing a key or button.-commands arent commonly used outside of complex scripts.The MOD column shows wether the item is from the vanilla game "ETMain" or the popular modification "ETPro".

I'll adding them into the list at a later date, here is what they stand for: S - Serverinfo: included in the 'serverinfo', sometimes the cvar seems only used for this, other times it's a key server setting.

There are many, many different commands and settings used in the game Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

This document attempts to provide a breif description of each.

This would load found in the game folder ETMain, however if you wanted it to load a file which is in a subfolder of ETMain, you can do so by setting the logical path: "exec scripts\filename.cfg".

If there is a file in the ETMain folder called autoexec.cfg, that file will automatically be executed when ET is loaded. However, it also has much more advanced functions: Thanks Reyal P.b - bani for etpro cvarscf - game statscg - client game (as opposed to engine).

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