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For example, I can select the category picker and scroll to the first item, which is "Cell Phone".

If I change my mind and want a different category like Utility, I can't scroll back down.

Not strictly a mortgage payment tracker, Bill Minder is perfect for the savvy investor with multiple properties or the homeowner with a car, student or credit card loan to pay off.

This app is particularly great at tracking multiple loans at once, detailing your bills and payments in charts and graphs and reminding you when a bill is due.

Source code includes the script and command file for Microsoft Windows: github.com/avinash311/QImport P.

The link can be used to view individual files and download entire package.

It’s also great for experimenting with different payment systems over time.

Use this app to calculate the savings possible when you theoretically increase your monthly payments or make a lump-sum payment once or twice a year.

For those to whom the word amortization brings chills, this comprehensive app gives users a few different ways to understand your mortgage’s amortization process with charts and graphs that offer visual depictions of the declining principal balance.

Unlike Bill Minder, Bills does not let you send this payment information to a third-party app like Pocket Money.

If you like your user interface to have more than shades of grey, then you will like Bills.

The app has colorful interface that uses a wood backdrop, purple headers, black background for text and green and blue buttons.

The biggest problem I encountered with Bills version 1.0.3 is its picker wheel.

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