Updating 6 cylinder 1954 chevrolet

This provided basic power, great dependability, and better gas mileage.

Basically, this larger engine was a 235 with the same crankshaft but GM engineers made various modifications to give it extra strength and horsepower.

The 261 was available in 2 ton (5000 or 6000 series) trucks and school buses.

During it’s early years (1954-1957) it was an extra cost option above the standard 235 six cylinder.

This allows for the use of the larger, late model fan, which provides better cooling.

(Note: it is not correct to press the early 216 pulley onto the late water pump, since this spins the impeller approximately 190% of design speed, and may even cavitate the water, causing overheating. Your neighborhood parts house has them available.9. Check for the presence of this vital item if you're putting a "stick" tranny behind the later 235!

Hydraulics went only with Power Glide equipped cars.

From '58 to '62, every block was drilled for hydraulic lifters, though some had solids installed. They will interchange on every Chevy '6' (216, 235, or 261) built from 1937 thru '62! It's another story, but the fronts and rears of every Chevy '6' are also the same as every GMC "small" '6' (228, 236, 248, 256, 270, and 302)! Throttle linkage may need modifying if your block's bellcrank mount hole is further back (toward firewall).

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If a car buyer chose a manual transmission then they received the older 235 engine design with solid lifters.

By the way, 216/235 exhaust/intakes won't mix and match, and though the entire 216 manifold set can be bolted to the 235 involved, it's a bit Mickey Mouse since the port rings will have to be eliminated due to the 216's smaller port size.4.

Let's solve the "hydraulic or solid lifter question" now...

Solids were the rule on every Chevy '6' through 1949 (either 216 or 235 "Loadmaster").

Between 1950 and '57, solids came with every commercial or "stick" (pass.) transmission, whether 216 or 235 or 261 engine.

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