Trouble updating windows media player

There were even reports of Windows 10 installing itself after computer owners declined the request to upgrade. said: “Once installed, people reported various problems, including printers, wi-fi cards and speakers no longer working with their PC; instances of lost files and email accounts no longer syncing; and, most significantly, their computer encountering such problems that they had to pay someone to repair it.” Windows has since created an update to remove the annoying reminders to upgrade – which can be found under optional updates, labelled KB3184143.But the potential for issues relating to Windows 10 itself still remains.When prompted to agree with the license terms, click I Accept. Once completed, restart your PC and you should be able to see Windows Media Player 12 by searching in the start menu or Cortana. The Media Feature Pack is originally made for N and KN versions of Windows 10 – the versions that don’t have Windows Media Player 12 preinstalled.

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If Windows Media Player 12 doesn’t show up in the search result, follow the guide below to download Windows Media Player 12 for Windows 10 64 bit or 32 bit offline installer for free. Click Next to begin download the Media Feature Pack. Some about having have to pay "royalties or copyrights" and that tablets are getting more and more popular and they do not have optical drive anyways. I had windows media player 11 in before the windows 10 update and now media player wont play the videos only audio.. I would like to uninstall - reinstall the APP, but WIN 10 is different not like 8.1.. can someone tell me why windows media player 12 wont play youtube video's, it plays the audio side but not the video of it.. No codes were giving, It just says 'Problem while downloading'.Here’s what to do about five of the most commonly reported problems…READ MORE: DESPERATE TIMES Microsoft offering FREE Dell laptops to users if its techies don’t finish Windows 10 upgrades on time PADS, PENS AND ... Parents’ anger at being asked to pay for new tablet computers for their kids in state schools GADGETS A FAT LOT OF GOOD Fitness tracker wristbands can make the wearers FATTER, new research finds DVD player stopped working after updating?

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