Trigger if updating

b) we will establish a connection, run this package once in a month and disconnect.

we dont do any more stuff in that same session/connection.

does the 3rd party application owner care you are doing this?

Many 3rd party software owners would say "you are no longer supported if you do that" We have informed them and they are fine with this. November 06, 2012 - am UTC it seems risky, I wouldn't let you do it.

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We dont want (logic inside) the Trigger to be executed for this new-module (as per business use-case), so i took the following steps.

No of Records Without Trigger With Trigger Trigger with When Clause323336 Run 1 16 Seconds 51 Seconds 28 seconds323336 Run 2 16 Seconds 52 Seconds 28 seconds323336 Run 3 20 Seconds 248 Seconds Thanks Koshal November 27, 2006 - pm UTC the when clause is the way to have the trigger check to see if it should fire the body or not.checking is "going to consume some time", absolutely.(you sort of DO want to do checking, else it would - well - always fire) What I mean is we should have some sort of checking at the statement level itself. update emp set status=nvl(status,'COMPLETE')Looking at the the first statement we know that there is going to be no change to "status".

What is happening in the when clause is it is checking for each row. I would be nice had oracle able to identify this at statement level and eliminate row level checking. Thanks Koshal create or replace trigger trigmat_update_nome 2 before update or delete of cognome on trigmat 3 for each row 4 5 begin 6 dbms_output.put_line('cognome modified, old: '

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