The truth about dating sites

An estimated two million members will join the first week in January. I know there are even more of you out there considering it. I’m not going to give you BS about online dating – just the good, the bad and the ugly.You’ve heard about it, but you’re still on the fence. For the most part, you’ll take any excuse to not do online dating. These are the truths about online dating and you: It’s a bunch of single people talking about themselves and people they want to meet.There are times you may find someone you like and they don’t respond. Of all the things weird, interesting and great about online dating, at the end of it all, all you need is to find one other person who does it for you. With so many people online, there is literally every kind of person you can imagine on online dating, even many with the same cynical view of the process as you. Are you still wondering if 2014 is the year to look for love online? We all know people in awesome couples who met online. As the holidays pass behind us, online dating enters its busiest time of the year.More people are joining online dating sites right now than at any other time.Every single person wishes they had met someone already in some fashion or another. When you accept it, you become more available to making it happen for you.

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Choose to use an app on your phone that shows you people within a mile of you or a dating website devoted to farmers, a dating website for Ayn Rand fans or maybe a mainstream site with millions of members. You may think your love life is something that is just supposed to float together like astronauts in space guided by some fateful source. You don’t judge, but it’s just not something you’re willing to do personally. There are about 10 million people who had that exact same thought as you once had. They realized it’s better to meet someone online than to stay lonely and unhappy.

My point is there are thousands of different methods that are considered online dating. They realized how much simpler it was than trolling the bar scene night after night.

It is free to register, free to search, free to contact, and free to enjoy.

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