The radio metric dating scam hoax

And now, we see the exact same thing happening in reverse; serious questions are raised regarding the possibility of geocentrism, and again, the whole world is shocked and rocked back on its heals.

And many are they who will not even entertain the thought! In any case, it is particularly delicious to see all these devout atheists faithfully clinging to their cause, and crying out "Heresy!

Well, quick research after the Resistance meeting presentation taught me that, number One, the Bible does indeed say that the earth does not move, and, number Two, it very strongly implies, in many places, that the earth is flat.

And we are satisfied that the Six Days of Creation are a whole lot more scientifically verifiable than any other theory out there.

Perhaps it should be taken on faith and not questioned at all, but detractors and challengers need to be answered, and sometimes on their own terms.

In our last Church Militant Resistance meeting, our guest speaker was Eric Bermingham, Catholic aerospace engineer and author, Advisory Board memeber of the Kolbe Center.

His talk was on I seemed to be the only one surprised by this. In private conversation after the presentation Eric confirmed that he held that the sun revolves round the earth, and that the earth does not spin on its axis. I vaguely remember a grade school teacher talking about the great "Ether" of space; a sort of transparent firmament of sorts, in which are anchored all the stars, and that it is the "Ether" that moves, not the individual objects.

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