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Many composers will tell you that the score has a duty to service the film and that’s the most important thing.

Mosseri’s score goes above and beyond this duty, absolutely setting the tone and keeping it in place.

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The knowledge of this sad truth is part of what makes the authenticity of the so strikingly tangible.Although the Quins hail from Canada, where same-sex marriage has been legal since 2005, they both live in the States--meaning they have a stake in, and an opinion on, the two potentially landmark cases currently facing the Supreme Court. Sara is a New York resident, where gay marriage is legal, but Tegan lives in Los Angeles, where for the moment at least, it's not.That could change, depending on how the court decides the case involving the California's Proposition 8.Are you and your Cali friends optimistic about the decision?Tegan: I think everyone’s really optimistic in California and even outside of California.

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