Swirl dating

A short google images search later, and I was staring at me, my husband, and my huge belly all over people’s blogs and pinterest boards. At my ripe old age of 31, I didn’t realize what a “thing” (read: fetish) interracial relationships, and marriages had become.

Yes, I know there’s a “black girl fetish” and have dealt with come-ons from my share of guys wanting to “try a black girl” (barf! But now I’m learning that there’s a growing “white boy fetish” that is spreading like wildfire.

For a reasonable price, you get an access to a large database of users which you may explore to spot interesting members.

It is easy to stay in touch with them with the help of text and video chats accessible for the paid members.

I’m pro interracial everything but I’m not down with the “swirl” and I never will be, no matter how Irish my husband.

I encourage all women who’ve emailed me about the topic to drop the label as well.

Swirlr offers you an opportunity to try it for free: you may register, browse the site and occasionally flirt with other members to figure out if dating interracially is exactly what you want and if the platform is convenient for you.

While I probably should have been more offended that this man would hit on a married woman whose water could break at any moment, my angry texts to my friends were ranting about his tacky, fetishy come on.The color of their skin, and the country their parents came from should be an afterthought, not part of the equation.With this whole “swirling” movement, the fact that a person’s color is now the major factor is unsettling.Just find a great guy…necessarily a great non-black guy. I’m still not a fan of the term and my disgust has actually grown over the years as my children have been added to the mix and I’ve been exposed to other women who date and marry interracially (or want to).I found this old post yesterday and wanted to edit it immediately since it felt unfinished. it was SO old, and I had just learned about “swirling” being a term. I think I’ll eventually write a piece on how creepy people are about mixed race children and an update to this piece on swirling at large, and what I’ve discovered about majority of the black women “swirlers.” Stay tuned.

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