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Bigly BT, as the new client is called, is based on Azureus code that the team promises to optimize in the future while keeping the project open-source without any commercial interests.The client is licensed under the GNU General Public License and does not contain any of Vuze’s proprietary code.“Our main goals for Bigly BT is to keep it ad-free and open source, and to continue to develop it into an even better torrent client.We also hope that a community will form again around the product.” People who try the new client will notice that it’s indeed very similar to Vuze, but without the ads and some other ‘cluttering’ features, such as DVD-burning. It lets you create new torrents, stop existing ones, view the progress of all the current downloads and uploads from your computer, control their transfer speeds, and search through your active torrents.All this can be done without even being on the same computer as the one that's downloading the files.

Lately, development of the client has stalled completely, which is the result of two of the project’s core developers leaving the company and starting a new open source torrent client.

The developers promise to take the project forward while removing all advertising and other annoyances.

Back in the summer of 2003 a group of developers debuted a new torrent client, which they called Azureus.

I appreciate all the very specific options Vuze allows you to work with.

Plus, one of the best things about using software to download torrents (instead of a website) is that they don't restrict the size or speed of your downloads and uploads.

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