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"I feel that I'm closer to real people and real product knowledge if I don't pull strings," he says.

I met him a couple of years ago when I was on a book tour, promoting a novel that had made a few jokes about Woz.

It was going to change the world and it was going to make Apple into a big company. I wouldn’t start a company with anyone else but my friend. And so, I told him, ‘you are not judged by what you don’t do when you are gone, but you are judged by what you do while you are here. I designed a computer but Steve is the one who made it into a product. Young kids having fun, I don’t know, the greatest memories in my life. I say this because there is a thing called cognitive development, the way your mind perceives the world, then assimilates, and moves on to new ways of seeing the world and structuring how data works. I don’t know him personally so I can’t comment on his personality and compare to Steve Jobs.

It turned out to be Apple’s only successful product and made all of Apple’s money for the first ten years. When did you last speak to Jobs before he passed away? You are one of the finest technological leaders of our time. Over time, we were in two different categories of the world — he was a businessman, and I was just an engineer-inventor. Steve is the one who told the world why they needed a computer, and helped out in marketing. The days I miss the most are the days before Apple started, five years before Apple started. How important is coding and should it be taught to children, particularly in India? You don’t get to a stage of symbolic reasoning until you are 12 years old. As far as values and vision are concerned, I think he is a lot more concrete.

Consider the "celebrities" Woz will compete against on the dance show—against such luminaries as actress Denise Richards, rapper (and former prisoner) Lil' Kim, "Jackass" star Steve-O and 1980s football great (and 1990s drug-arrest punch line) Lawrence Taylor.I had given it to everyone at our club before Jobs even knew that it existed. See, I never look at money and bank accounts, [and] I never like to deal with money. The idea is that you can learn the important things that apply to technology work and not have to learn other little stuff that does not interest you. Then, there was a spin-off called Primary Data Optimse storage and it recently folded. My philosophy was well understood when I was 20 years old, even before we started Apple.He came to town, I took him to the club where I was a hero, showing off my computer every two weeks, and showing off the formula for the personal computer. He never treated me with the disrespect he would treat other people because I came at a different point in his life and I was also a key engineer in his life and success. I would never do anything that would compete with Apple. I think my accountant said that what I take home is under a 0 a week. I also run two companies — one was Fusion-io, a notable leader in changing data centres from hard disks to solid state disks. I also put on the Silicon Valley Comic Con and the Tokyo Comic Con. At first I wouldn’t accept the big money until it was clear that I would do only the engineering. He did not have much to do with Apple in the first 10 years until he returned, not until the i Pod actually.But, in classic Woz fashion, he never got around to it. Techies have been organizing online campaigns to support him. He hasn’t been actively involved in running Apple for decades, but Steve Wozniak — popularly known as Woz, and the man who engineered Apple 1, the first home computer with a keyboard and screen — still gets questioned about the tech giant that he co-founded with close friend Steve Jobs way back in 1976. Pankaj Doval and Surojit Gupta caught up with Woz — who wore his customary sneakers with a business suit — for an in-depth interview on the sidelines of the ET Global Business Summit in New Delhi. We talked about different types of counter-culture. The two of us played a couple of amazing pranks, and some that did not quite come off.

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