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As you might expect, there are acres of dramatic deep-space explorations and inspiring fantasies on offer, but is also capable of beautiful, evolving, analogue-like pads, as well as incredibly complex yet subtle animations that remind me of the classic Korg Wavestation.

Yet, like all the best synths, it has a unique character of its own. Where plug-ins provide their own preset management, or even their own load/save functions, the VST3 Mediabay makes rather less sense, but if you like its approach and tagging possibilities you'll need to convert your existing presets to the VST3 format.

Its gold interface, inspired by Ancient Egypt, is beautiful, yet manages to be extremely functional and easy to use rather than merely decorative.

Previously called , the synth was originally released by HG Fortune (whose synths impressed me in PC Notes July 2006), but Vera created both its original graphic interface and many of its patches, and has now taken over its development, adding new waveforms and creating the stunning new interface.

Finally, before you attempt to convert all your preset collections, the new VST3 Mediabay may not be compatible with some multitimbral soft synths, such as Korg's , where each synth you load may contain dozens, or even hundreds, of its own presets.

Choosing your sounds using Mediabay may be the future, but it remains a hugely frustrating one to many musicians at the moment! I've used this on a daily basis ever since, on my general-purpose Windows XP partition, and have been well pleased with its performance under fire.

If you want to download some of these files, don't be tempted to copy them into the VST3 Presets folder in the application folder: this is intended for factory presets only.

Instead you need to copy them to your 'C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\VST3 Presets' folder (if this doesn't already exist, save any plug-in preset from within and it will be created automatically, which is quicker and easier than doing it by hand).

I particularly enjoyed the combination of the 'analogue' and digital oscillators.This lets you search instrument and plug-in presets for sounds tagged by characteristics such as Acoustic, Percussive, Clean, Dirty, and so on.This is very clever stuff and will no doubt be appreciated by composers with thousands of sounds to choose from, and those with loads of drum loops that can now be characterised by song tempo.Luckily for many of us, some of those who have already gone through this careful process have generously made their efforts available to other users.Jan Lanter of Lanter Audio took up the challenge of converting as many factory banks for different products as he could, and was subsequently helped by various other contributors.

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