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They also took a number of top prizes, with Lucy Lonie scooping the Rock Star award, and Kishan Harry taking both the Best Guitarist and Best Overall Musician awards!

It was an amazing night, and the Somerville Rock Band did our school proud.

This year the festival had a theme of "TV", with each group having to perform a dance to the theme music from a TV show. Firstly a group run and choreographed by Mrs Anderson to song Red Right Hand from the TV show Peaky Blinders.

The students had amazing costumes and their performance was original and dynamic, with all dancers looking polished and confident.

The students delivered a “good driver” thank you speech and presented them with a small gift.

Our Travelwise students were “buzzing” after being part of this exciting event.

They operate 35 minutes before the start of school and 20 minutes at the end of the school day.

These girls went on to represent our school at the APPA international Korean and Mandarin speech finals at Farm Cove Intermediate.As a school, we would like to thank our local community constable, Ian Willets, Tracey Thompson from Auckland Transport and the New Zealand Police for their help in facilitating this event.In conclusion, we would like to remind our community that school speed zones are in force throughout Auckland on school days.The girls are ecstatic with 3rd place and we are ready to charge the mountain again at this weekends ANC Tournament. Year 7 Girls - 1st Place team competition1st - Zoe Brazier5th - Mae Reynolds13th Rochelle Christie14th - Ashley Fillet Year 7 Boys - 3rd Place team competition4th - Tyler Gagiano15th - Finn Year 8 Girls - 2nd Place team competition2nd - Danielle Asiata10th - Sophie White12th - Lucy Lonie Year 8 Boys - 1st Place team competition2nd - Connor Boulton3rd - Tyron Newell6th - Ryan Burgoyne7th - Isaac Smith9th - Nicholas Rooney It was a great day and we are very proud of you all.A special thanks to Roger Whatman, our PE/Sports Specialist, for helping out on the day!

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