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So you want to meet some hot latin girls while traveling through some cities in Central America? The region provides men an easy opportunity to travel freely and experience adventure while macking some stunning, exotic women.No other region on earth offers easy access to as much natural beauty, beaches, mountains, nightlife, women, and countries in such a small area.Another surf and sexy time city, I had a blast in San Juan del Sur.If you’re headed to Nicaragua, then this is a must visit town.Panama City, or PTY for short, is probably my favorite city in Central America. It’s not a world-class city, but it’s pretty close.There’s a number of tourist attractions, including the Panama Canal, and you’ll have access to a variety of hot latin girls from Panama, Venezuela and Colombia. Well, Panama City is the most expensive city in all of Central America.The average Nicaraguan girl isn’t attractive, but the hot ones – QUE RICO!As a gringo, you’ll have access to these beautiful babes if you have a little game.

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Honduras is way too dangerous at the moment, and Belize sucks balls for babes.Make sure you check out Sunday Funday if you’re looking to get laid in SJDS. Antigua is another spot I’ve never stepped foot in but have heard good things.Known as one of the best places to study Spanish in the world, you’ll find Euro chicks packed into this picturesque town studying during the day and drinking at night.Everything in Tamarindo is said to be twice as much compared to SJDS. That being said – many friends have gone to this beach town and loved it. You’ll have a chance to meet American girls, Euro chicks, and Ticas here.Too dangerous to go to right now, but man, you can find some hot latin girls in San Salvador.

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