Single mother and dating

But it’s taken me a while and a lot of bad dates to get here. When I first returned to dating, I didn’t mention my son on my online dating profiles, or when I met men in real life.Because of the stigma surrounding single parents and myths I was believing at the time, my subconscious told me I would have more luck keeping my profile baby-free. On my first date after being pregnant, dumped and giving birth – when my self-esteem had hit rock bottom – I sat opposite a man who visibly quivered when I revealed I was a mum and compared my child to his ongoing battle with Crohn’s disease.

Never think that you are doing anything wrong by wanting some time for yourself.My personal solution here is to ask my boyfriends to work by the rules of a public swimming pool: if you wouldn’t get away with it there, don’t do it in front of my son. But it also means more special time as a couple when you do manage to escape for those precious nights away (once you’ve found a very trusted babysitter, of course).Perhaps it’s only natural for the person you are dating to think about the future with you, given your life situation as a parent.I’m happy to confirm that my son has positively transformed my life in so many ways, he’s the most wonderful and perfectly-timed gift I could have wished for.Plus, having a child helps you put things in perspective; I’m ten times more confident and capable now.

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