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The suit alleged that they conspired to fix prices for e-books, and weaken's position in the market, in violation of antitrust law.

In December 2013, a federal judge approved a settlement of the antitrust claims, in which Harper Collins and the other publishers paid into a fund that provided credits to customers who had overpaid for books due to the price-fixing. The Scranton, Pennsylvania warehouse closed in September 2013 and a Nashville, Tennessee warehouse, under the name (D. A.) Thomas Nelson (which distributes the religious arm of Harper Collins/Zondervan Books), in the winter of 2013.

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The worldwide CEO of Harper Collins is Brian Murray.

Chantal Restivo-Alessi, chief digital officer at Harper Collins, explained to the media that the deal represents the first time that the publisher has released such a large portion of its catalog.

Danny Meyer, Mehmet Oz, Sidney Poitier, Ted Sorensen, and Kate White.

"For a survey to be considered statistically sexy - that is, robust and reliable - it should have a good sample size.

The relationship between sample size and population size isn't linear – so a small sample in a whopping population could still be pretty robust." "A survey of, say, 10000 people in New Zealand could be a ruggedly handsome sample size, and would have a relatively small margin of error - a sample of 7300 in a population of 1.5 billion may be the dating equivalent of a weedy whimp." "It would be good to know the demographic characteristics of this sample to determine if some of these characteristics skew the results of the responses - it should ideally be a random sample - people chosen by chance - not a sample of people that could skew the results.

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