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I shook myself and carried on with teaching my class about Romeo And Juliet despite the fact that they clearly had no interest in what I was teaching them. ” And in a flash‚ I was out of her office‚ still dazed and amazed by what had just transpired… Well had I known that I would have acted a fuckload sooner!!!

I stuck on a youtube video and let the class run to an end‚ not even setting them any homework and as the bell went‚ I was racing across the grounds to get to Lara’s office. I rushed home unable to get my head around what had happened… I ran up the stairs to my flat‚ fumbling with the keys before I finally managed to let myself in.

She might be young‚ or not‚ but she should be sexually attractive !

I am always hoping that I can find an attractive woman‚ who would value me as a friend and lover.

I speak in full sentences‚ have lots of stories‚ yearn to overload your senses and mine‚ and love to laugh.

I am honest‚ fun‚ adventurous‚ and keep my promises.

I shall have to edit it again‚ but I was so excited to find this site‚ that I wanted to get this out asap.

I love women but‚ from a sexual point of view‚ especially younger women who love much older men :-) xx I have a lovely wife‚ but no sex‚ and I miss IT very‚ very much.

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