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Just know if you’re messing with him he’s probably cheating on someone LOL he’s a druggie, a cheater, he bounces from female to female and can’t even give his daughters a good male role model. He has serious issues with his health and yet drinks and snorts drugs and won’t properly care for himself. I also assume she doesn’t care about her own family. She’s the type of female who gives other females a bad name Taylor Davis-Bohr has not only tried to break up my family that I made, but come to find out she has broken up families to get with the male of the house at least twice before.

She loves to get into relationships and then cheat every way imaginable.I am not the only person shes done this to, and i wont be the last. She still has alot of my money that i will never see. She messages his female friend repeatedly, making new accounts to do so when she gets blocked, harassing her and calling her a sloot and a cheating slore, seemingly forgetting that he divorced her because she couldn’t keep her legs closed.Furthermore, she also messaged this woman’s husband attempting to convince him that his wife was cheating on him. Tyrone Steven Andrews, age 24, was sentenced to 30 months in custody, 5 years of supervised release, and a 0 special assessment to the Federal Crime Victims Fund.The charges stem from an incident that occurred on February 25, 2013, wherein Andrews groped a 15-year-old girl who was at a sleepover at a home in Rosebud, South Dakota.

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