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Treyburn: A 5,300-acre corporate park, country club, and residential area in northeastern Durham.Companies like bio Mérieux and Becton Dickinson and more than 10 families call Treyburn home.Research Triangle Park: A 7,000-acre Southeast Durham-based special county research and production district encompassed on three sides by the city of Durham and served by a Durham postal substation.Houses more than 170 major research companies employing 39,000 full-time employees and 10,000 contract workers.

Durham is 140 miles from the Appalachian highlands and 130 miles from the coast.Even more confusing is that roads may be referred to by a number, a name, and by a memorial name, which is often used to pay tribute to an individual.Another important point for drivers in Durham to know is that some postal addresses tend to be arbitrary. Due to postal policy, many parts of Durham receive mail with a variety of postal designations, including Morrisville, Rougemont, Bahama, Timberlake, Chapel Hill, and Research Triangle Park. In fact, many organizations use particular post office boxes even though they are not located in that district. Licenses are required for fishing and hunting and are available at all sporting goods and outdoor activities stores.

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