Sedating dogs on airplanes

Pick up her water two hours before you leave for the airport.

If your dog only sees her carrier when she’s being taken to the vet, she’s not likely to regard it as a cozy den.

A good carrier will be the correct size for your dog, fit under a plane seat, and have features that make your pet’s flying experience as comfortable as possible.

The official size maximums for pet carriers vary by airline, but typically describe a carrier between 16 and 19 inches long, about 10 inches tall, and about 12 inches wide (carriers on international flights can generally be a bit larger).

We travel often, and I didn’t want to leave our dog behind or add fear for her safety to the usual stress of plane travel. Here are ten things you need to know to make flying with your small dog straightforward and comfortable.

Our dog Chloe is as large as a small dog can be and still fit comfortably under a plane seat. If your dog weighs more than 15 lbs., you will likely find that she cannot stand or turn around in her carrier.

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