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Since movie producers and authors are in the business of making money by producing stories that appeal to the moviegoers and readers alike, it is natural that their products reflect the evolved desires of their target audiences.

It is interesting to note as an aside that, while Mrs.

This movie was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture, and both Nicholson and Hunt won Oscars for their leading roles.

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While I have not seen data on movies produced outside the United States, I am very confident in predicting that such movies, like the growing number of “Bollywood” movies out of India, also mostly depict romantic scenarios in which the man is considerably older than the woman, and that very few movies (or novels, for that matter) produced anywhere in the world would have the opposite type of couples as romantic leads.

In other words, regardless of age, men always prefer to mate with women in their 20s at the peak of fertility.

Women do not show the same pattern; regardless of their age, women prefer men who are about 10 years older than them.

In the 1963 classic , it appears that the man is older, sometimes by decades, than the woman among couples in movies. Why do both men and women in every generation expect and want the leading male character in movies to be so much older than his female counterpart?

The conventional social science explanation relies on cultural norms and socialization.

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