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I ran Gurs benchmark on my desktop PC with Excel 2003 to Excel 2013., with a constant screen area visible (rows 8 and columns A: BF).

Since I cannot install Excel 2016 on the same PC as previous versions without causing unwanted problems I used a VM on my desktop and also ran the benchmark on my Surface Pro 3.

Gurs does not want to speed up his benchmark because that would destroy his historic speed comparisons.

This gives me 616 cells that will change on each calc, and its easy to keep all 616 cells visible on the screen.

When you want to turn on the laptop screen, just move the mouse or touch the screen if your laptop has a touch-screen.

To create a Hotkey, right-click on its shortcut and select Properties. Screen Off does not have any UI – It works in the background.

This shows loops per second (higher is better) with Screen Updating On and Off, the ratio of OFF to ON and the ratio to Excel 2003.

The results for Excel 2003, 20 show that: My visual impression is that Excel 2013 does not try to update the screen on every iteration when the update frequency is high, and this is the reason for the change.

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