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“Exclusive photography exploding with indescribable emotion and hitherto unseen gives readers insight into Tuku’s ordinary human side and artistic.

“In Tuku Backstage one gets a view of what is held back about Tuku and discusses what is rarely conversed about his music.

Early this year, Mugabe told SABC’s Dali Tambo in an interview that Bona was “very obedient” and “absolutely trustworthy” unlike his third child Chatunga whom he said: “. He should be more serious than he is at the moment.” Mugabe in the interview said his preferred son-in-law had to be someone who should love his daughter through thick and thin.

Sam was born to Oliver & Daisy Mtukudzi on April 1, 1988.

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Tuku Backstage also looks at how Mtukudzi was accused of shutting out his own daughters Selmor and Samantha, coupled with his secret relationships with several women, as told by ex-wife Melody and wife Daisy and his workers.After I got wind of it, I phoned my brother who confirmed that indeed the ceremony took place and I was the only one in the dark.” It could, however, not be established how much bride price Bona’s husband paid. “She will have kids and quite a lot of what is now the real charm will disappear and the face will start having wrinkles.The First Couple has three children: Bona, Robert Junior and Chatunga Bellarmine. has not made me happy in the way he takes to his studies. So he should not pit her at that time against up-and-coming younger ones, which is what most people do and as a result we get lots of divorces.” In 2011, Bona graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Accountancy degree from the University of Chan Tai Ho Hall in Hong Kong.“The legacy is his extraordinary music created at the human level to touch our hearts.The music itself far outweighs the man, his deeds and character.

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