Rules of dating a mormon

According to the missionary handbook, they can “never go swimming.” Ever. The Mormon Church is strongly against full-court basketball and playing Marco Polo in local swimming pools because they’re worried about injuries.

They don’t want to lose a single second of door-to-door proselytizing.

Originally, the Mormon faith was hardly the faith of prudes.

So, if you ever get challenged to a game of ball by a missionary—which actually happens a lot—invite them out to a full court and see how they react.

If they want to talk to them, they have to wait until Christmas because Mormon missionaries are only allowed to call home twice a year—on Christmas and Mother’s Day.

Those boys in white shirts who knock on your door aren’t allowed to do much else.

Over time, though, the religion started to change and, toward the 1970s, started getting tough on sexual immorality.

The church officially announced that oral sex was an “unnatural, impure, or unholy practice“—and that wasn’t just a rule for horny teens.

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