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During Joseph's two-year absence, Bonanno mobster Gaspar Di Gregorio took advantage of family discontent over Bill's role to claim family leadership.Supported by the Mafia Commission, the Di Gregorio revolt led to four years of strife in the Bonanno family, labeled by the media as the "Bananas Wars".At age 10, Bill developed a severe mastoid ear infection.To aid in treating this ailment, his parents enrolled him in a Catholic boarding school in the dry climate of Tucson, Arizona.Bill and Rosalie eventually had four children; Charles, Joseph, Salvatore, and Felippa ("Gigi"); Charles was adopted by Bonanno and his wife in 1958.Bill's first ambition (after a try at law school) was to manage the legitimate end of Joseph's farms, factories, and the real estate empire.Designed to cement an alliance between the two crime families, the sumptuous wedding had 3,000 guests.De Cavalcante crime family boss Sam De Cavalcante later remarked on Bill's poor treatment of Rosalie: "It's a shame; the girl wanted to commit suicide because of the way he treated her".

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Many people considered this kidnapping to be a ruse meant to protect Joseph from the Commission's wrath.

Bonanno worked occasionally as a television producer (primarily on mini-series and films related to his family's criminal past), and collaborated with author Gay Talese on the book Honor Thy Father, a history of the Bonanno crime family.

He also co-wrote the novel "The Good Guys" with former undercover FBI agent Joseph Pistone and scriptwriter David Fisher.

In 1954, Bill was inducted as a "made man" into the Bonanno family.

In later years, Joseph appointed him as family consigliere.

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