Pursuing a man dating

Hell, if the girl I’m currently talking to hadn’t taken some initiative it would have never happened.We’re coworkers in a large company/department and don’t work together, we were aware of one another but never directly interacted.That’s where it would have stayed if she hadn’t initiated, we would have remained mutually oblivious.Since she initiated and gave me (blatantly obvious) hints I didn’t hesitate to reciprocate. I dont feel like waiting around for some guy im trying to stare at across the bar to approach me.If you’re doing all the work, you’re not going to know if you’re worth the effort for him or if you’re just easy pickings.If he goes out of his way to message you, hang out and get to know the real you, then he probably already likes you, so just ask!I’m rather vocal in our department group chat, she responded directly to a comment I had made, outside of the group chat “casually” mentioning that she’s single.She started initiating non work related conversation, nonchalantly stopping by my desk to chat for 30-60min, the second real chat we grabbed a beer in the office and I asked her number.

They loved being charmed because most of them had never had a girl do that and it's a big confidence boost for them. I have a question,did the relationships you had involve you doing a lot of the planning with dates things etc?As a guy I don’t mind taking the initiative, but really appreciate and find it attractive when a girl does.I like a girl who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to make it known.It makes me want to stop making the first move or ask them out first. Towards the end of the “date” I told him that I really liked him, I thought he was cute and wanted to see him again for a real date.It wasn’t necessarily me pursuing him or making the first move. You can flip the script but just keep in mind that you need to see he is putting forth an effort to get to know you.

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