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Such courts had originated in England in the fourteenth century.Although during the early years of the colony references are made to Courts of Petty Session sittings by Magistrates, it was not until 1832 that Courts of Petty Sessions were formally established in New South Wales.

The Sydney Supreme Court building (Banco Court) located at the rear of the Old Registry building facing St James Road has historic significance as part of the Supreme Court complex.The Complex is now operated by the Batemans Bay Historical Society as a museum.Although moved from its prominent location in the civic centre, the former Court House and Police Station retains its high-level local historic significance for its role in establishing police operations and the administration of justice in Batemans Bay.Representative of the style as used in a courthouse building and the quality of the interior detailing is representative of the importance given to judicial buildings at the turn of the century.The first Batemans Bay Courthouse and Police Residence was opened in 1885 opposite the waterfront in Clyde Street. The second Courthouse was built on the corner of Orient and Church Streets (now Beach Road), where the current police station now stands. It was constructed of hardwood weatherboard and roofed with galvanised iron.

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