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Digital Citizenship Blossoms in Estonia For people living in the United States, tales of e-Estonia, might carry a tinge of wistful fantasy. In the fourth episode of YOU, a new podcast presented by Okta, host Claire Evans explores what it takes for a government – and its people – to embrace the technological future.

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(And if you listened to episode three, you won’t be surprised that the hub is encrypted on the blockchain.) Claire talks with Anna Piperal, Ambassador for e-Estonia, who points out a crucial element for digital transformation of government.

In her free time, Lauren loves cooking, being outdoors, exploring all that the Bay Area has to offer, and planning her next adventure.

Unfortunately, rip-off relationships and other scams have cost victims over .8 million so far this year alone.

She points out, “That’s standard for lawyers, and that should become a norm in technology.” Listen now to episode four, “The Governing of Data: YOU the People." You can get this episode here: https:// As a content marketing manager, Lauren manages Okta’s corporate blog, social media, and video content.

She graduated from Gonzaga University where she studied Marketing and International Business.

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